Africa Academy

Young Founder Academy Africa

Our goal
The goal of this project is to set up a Young Entrepreneur Academy in Eastern Africa. We would like to support young Africans build and grow a business and facilitate cooperation with European customers and / or European companies.

The concept
The following areas should be covered by the Academy:
• Personal development: communication techniques
• Entrepreneurial skills: project management, organization of meetings
• Intercultural competences: cooperation with Europe
• build up personal contact and trust and reduce prejudice
We will use existing content from official JCI trainings, supplementing it with content and applying it as part of an academy.

We are actually speaking with a cooporation partner in Zimbabwe

Young entrepreneurs or leaders (small and medium sized companies) up to 40 years + JCI member or willing to become one

Available dates/weeks:
Because of the Corona Pandemie we had to change our plans. We hope we can start with a first rund in the winter 2020/21

We believe that the African continent still has much untapped potential. In a first step, this project will initially focus on Kenya an/or Tanzania, as countries with a good level of education, relatively stable economic and politic and currently investing heavily in infrastructure.

Despite these favourable conditions, there are certain aspects due to cultural and ethnic differences that may make it difficult to cooperate with European customers and companies.

For this reason, this project aims to provide young Africans with training opportunities to communicate more effectively across cultures, build trusting professional relationships with global customers and companies and gain a competitive advantage by improving their international work skills.

How to support?
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